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Well if any of you don't know I am a Bayern Munich devoter, I used to live there, go to the tranings and met many of the players.
Their slow and horrible start in the champions league really has no explanation. Every game they lost they should have tied, or even won, especially today against Milan. The last 3 games are going to be fun...Bayern has to win all 3 to go to the next round. It's going to be a challenge, a fucking gigantic one, but they can do it, they better!!!!
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sorry if this gets crossposted

Byron Moreno steals the headlines again

09/10/2002. Up to a couple of months ago, people in Ecuador fiercely defended their fellow countrymnan Byron Moreno, the man who 'helped' Italy bow out of the 2002 WC with a one sided direction in the match against South Korea. But now most of them have changed their minds.

Last Sunday, Moreno made an impressive number of "mistakes" during the Ecuadorian League's big match between Deportivo Liga and Barcelona Guayaquil, and now risks a heavy suspension, possibly a career ending one.

Moreno whistled two inexistent penalties (one per side) in the first half, and allowed a goal in spite of the linesman's offisde signal only to change his mind in front of the remonstrations by his colleague. Furthermore, he didn't eject an already booked Deportivo player who made a terrible foul on Barcelona's Tenorio. But the Italian public enemy's masterpiece was yet to come...

In the 90th minute, with Barcelona leading 3-2, Moreno indicated 6 minutes of added time. But the chubby referee decided to add 6 more minutes without any reason, and this was the outcome: Deportivo Liga scored twice in the 98th and in the 101th, and won the match 4-3!

To make matters worse, in his official report Moreno indicated the scoring minutes of Deportivo's two goals as "89th and 90th". According to Barcelona's chairman Leonardo Bohrer, "this is the evidence of the corruption of that miserable man. He robbed us and now he must pay".

A couple of years ago, Moreno was suspended for 6 rounds following another impressive series of "mistakes" during the match between Portovidejo and Deportivo Cuenca.

yeah and now the italians are the ones that always have excuses for losing ;D

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made some icons of players from the japanese national team. (hidetoshi nakata, shinji ono, junichi inamoto, etc.) they kind of suck because i whipped them up in a really short time, but if anyone would be interested in using them, they''re welcome to. they're all pretty simple, no impressive CG skills involved. (^^;)

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Closing ceremony?

How was the closing ceremony, for those who watched it?

I wanted to watch it, but I couldn't seem to find a channel that was airing it. >_< The same happened when I was trying to watch the opening was still on, so I was up all night surfing the channels to find one that was broadcasting it. Hehe...

And Congrats to the Brazilian team!
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Thank you Korea and Japan!

I just wanted to post to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the past month. Even though it meant being up at wacky hours and being a zombie at was well worth it. Thanks Korea and Japan for a good showing overall. This morning I woke up at 6 so I could get to the local sports bar (turned breakfast place for the morning) to watch the world cup. I was pretty impressed by the turn out. They were actually turning away people because it was more than they expected (had a buffet). There was a nice distribution of German and Brazilian fans...even in a middle of the nowhere place like State College, PA USA. Great time watching the game even though neither team I care that much for.

Anyway, my main gripe is with stupid American coverage. I wanted to watch the World Cup presentation...and guess what...ABC decided it'd be cute to cut away and go to a church service. Ridiculous.

Anyway, thanks for the posts everyone. I enjoyed reading everyone's opinions and "facts" on the World Cup. My main suggestion for 2006 is doing something about the ref situation. Being that this is a competition with the best players in the world...I think FIFA should look into getting only the best refs...not this must have one from every country thing. I'm not going to get any further into that other than saying this...because every team got screwed by the refs and got a break from the refs. Hopefully 2006 we'll be talking more of the outstanding play like we should...this World Cup no exception. Ronaldo proved he belongs on the spotlight with the show he put on today. And as for 2006, I have no doubt that Kahn will look for redemption...he proved he was hands down the most dominant goalie. As for me, I still root for the good ole' USA...and I have confidence that in 2006 that they will prove this year was no fluke:)
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now that the world cup is over, i'd like to know what people think. if youre reading this PLEASE answer to my question! lol
who do you think was the hottest player of the tournament? lol, im so shallow. if you have more than one, make a top 3
thanks people =D
if youre a guy... just put who you think was the hottest :x